Monday, November 28, 2011

An Epilogue to the Previous Post

It is rather strange to fail to acknowledge how multidimensional education is. Perhaps that is a consequence, for some, of living in the "Ivory Tower". For some people, say economics researchers, the real world is so far away that they end up discussing things that are actually so simple (and so right) for the lay person. In one thing I agree, thus, with Bryan Caplan: one can have plenty of education (say economic education) and still fail to see the world as it really is. [Objectivism is a good thing and also much necessary in the "Ivory Tower".]

Would anyone but economists ever feel the need to discuss and have doubts about the multidimensional importance of education? Would anyone but economists ever believe that people study and get education for only one reason, and that would be to signal ability in order to get a job??