Friday, September 10, 2010

Sitting Room

Sitting rooms are extremely important in a shared flat. Kitchens are usually not enough as a common area: they tend to be not comfortable enough and, without comfort, communication cannot develop much.

Sitting rooms can have a problem: when they had not been turned into another bedroom, that's because landlords are still living in the flat or there is a higher chance they will in the close future. For that reason, sitting rooms seem always to be too much associated with the owners, they are way more associated to them than the bedrooms landlords rent. This is what creates the problem: because of that subtle association, flat renters may not feel fully at ease at these still very personal sitting rooms, personal for the landlords.

Our sitting room has tv, a big cabinet (most of my bottles are already there), and three couches, one of which is double. Still, I have become surprised that my two flatmates haven't yet spent any time there. No tv for them: tv channels haven't yet been memorized, and the antena is unplugged: apparently nobody has used the tv for ages. Further, those couches seem to have been untouched for ages as well.

I will be glad should the sitting room become a lively place: that will probably be a sign of interpersonal development at home.


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