Sunday, September 12, 2010

Circolo La Saletta, Le Cure, Firenze

In front of the window in the bedroom, there is Circolo La Saletta. I will have to investigate very soon what it is about. Today is Sunday and it is Domenica di Karaoke. I can hear very well from here (sitting at the desk in the bedroom) people singing to all these karaoke classics. Now I can hear a strident You Were Always on My Mind...

There are many of this cultural neighborhood associations all over Italy. Some of them are called ARCI and are of Communist influence. They are specially important here in Tuscany. People go there to meet with other people, play games, watch tv. Many activities and parties are organized too. And there is, of course, food.

La Casa del Popolo di Fiesole is a place we seriously recommend: great food for incredibly low prices (considering the standard Tuscan prices), and the possibility to stay hours just paying for a coffee or a beer. The people are gentle too.

It is a sunny, hot and singing Sunday.


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