Friday, July 02, 2010

Project Fi Ta Ro 400

We are going to travel from Firenze (Italy) to Tallinn (Estonia) in a Rover 414 Sli. We left yesterday at 10:11am and arrived to Ljubljana at 1:00am of today. You see: č, ć, ž, š, đ: we are in Slovenia.

Day 1 was complicated: there was a huge truck accident on the highway to Trieste (Italy). Police sent all vehicles out of the highway in the exit of Portogruaro. At that time I realized brakes were making an horrible noise. We stopped on the first auto-mechanic, a huge Fiat and Volvo service and had them repaired by 5:30pm.

In Portogruaro and around there were huge traffic jams. Then a second incident happened: the key of the car stopped working in the ignition! After some minutes waiting in the traffic jam, we couldn't turn the engine on again! Can one imagine worse and stranger thing to happen?

A tow car came, the car was removed, some guys tried to fix things. As a result, the whole mechanics of the turning-the-engine-on-key were removed and now anyone who happens to break into the car can start it and drive.

Portogruaro turned out to be surprisingly interesting: a city with no ¨Michelin Guide" references had a nice small city centre, a very modern and interesting church and its landmark was a tilting bell tower.

Now we arrived to Ljubljana. Our first impression is that it seems like a Tallinn of the South. The houses seem to have been taken from some fairy tale. In a more residential part, there were buildings seemingly of the good soviet style: kind of big and geometric but not that heavy and very elegant (needless to say that even though once communist, Slovenia was never part of the Soviet Union).

Some parking signshere do not really have symbols but whole paragraphs (but not so bad as in Italy).

Highlights up to now: there were many youngsters on the streets yesterday night. There was a boy going full monty and running on a central street, there were nice girls explaining that the parking paragraph meant that one cannot park during Winter.


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