Friday, July 02, 2010

One Day in Ljubljana

We spent the day in Ljubljana. The historical centre is small and impeccable. People were educated and correct without being strict or cold. People spoke English (also the older generations). People were very much willing to talk, very easy to be approached.

Ljubljana made us think "I also want a city like this, I also want a country like this". Absolutely faultless, absolutely beautiful. And incredibly cheap prices and, at the same time, incredibly high quality of service.

Also, there are free lunches here: we had a free guided tour (tips accepted at the end) and there is a free transport service in little golf cars: one just asks it to stop and tells some place to go within the historical centre.

The castle was great and the nightlife incredible: we had never seen so many bars open with tables on the streets in the center of the historical center of any city. The relaxed/party atmosphere was also wonderful.

Ljubljana is a city with always many activities running in parallel. For instance, these days there is the street theater festival and the jazz festival. Ljubljana is the European city of books for 2010.

The right cafe culture: in Ljubljana one can sit for hours in a cafe and paying just one coffee, no one will complain because that's what caffeterias are for. Living in extremely expensive and extremely fast Italy, today I remembered in my flesh how much I miss that cafe culture that exists here in Ljubljana and also, for instance, in Lisbon (Portugal). Spending time, letting time pass, let the pages of a book flow while people walk in front. One coffee, so many time: ideas, words, contacts flowing unconstrained through time. That's something practised here in Ljubljana.


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