Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ljubljana to Zagreb

Project Fi Ta Ro 400, day 3: we had a cappuccino by the river Ljubljanica in the morning. All the stylish bars by the river that are open in the evenings and nights become nice outdoor cafes in the mornings and afternoons.

We have to mention the great politeness and friendship of the people of Ljubljana. Ljubljana is a small and perfect city with people that are not only correct and polite but also talkative and friendly.

Next we headed to the caves of Postnoja. There had been two car accidents on the highway, we got slowed down for some minutes.

Postnoja caves are immense, spanning more than 20Km inside a mountain. The journey in the caves start with a train ride. The obvious comparison is with one of the famous scenes of ˝Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom˝: running through stalactites and stalagmites at high speed on a feeble train. The caves are huge, one feels (s)he is in another planet.

Nine kilometers further from the caves there is the awesome Predjama Castle. This castle was itself built partly inside a cave. The whole structure is protected by an immense cavern mouth. It is a castle with its own private caves, or a cave system that includes a castle as a beautiful man-made appendix.

After the castle, there was a storm. Because of the extreme heat of the afternoon, the roads were emanating a dense fog during the storm.

A great part of the highways from somewhere after Ljubljana in the direction of Zagreb was new. And for the first time since Firenze there were no lengthy truck convoys. We crossed Slovenia from West to East and passed forests surrounded by mountains.

We arrived to the hostel in Zagreb at about 9pm. This is the type of place where people prefer to stay meeting other people rather than going to town. While crossing it in the direction of the hostel, the city seemed to be well organized and big. The extremely long avenues with five lanes were impressive.

We had spaghetti we brought from Firenze and also some canned pesto genovese. There is a huge difference between fresh pesto and this canned thing: the fresh version is much better. We also had Chianti Colli, the red wine from Firenze. It is amazing how this wine survived so many extremely hot hours inside the car.


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