Monday, May 25, 2009

Microsoft's Live Search Maps vs. Google Maps

Microsoft's Live Search Maps are definitely better than Google Maps: it includes all the microscopic streets while Google, in some cases, fails even to report the names of some not-so-small streets.

Now, Google is better in something that makes Google as good as it is and makes Microsoft as bad as it normally is: while Microsoft is based on extremely heavy applications that must be installed on the hard-drive and occupy mega-bytes of storage memory and of our patience (and sometimes it is not even possible to uninstall them!), Google is the opposite: it is based on online applications: there is no need for installation and they are light enough to be fast. You have just to consider, for instance, Gchat: it is almost as good as ICQ and requires no installation at all!

Thus, it is of no surprise that Google Maps's Street View works online with no need for their installable application (Google Earth), while the corresponding Microsoft's 3D view is not available online and requires the installation of Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D.

But Microsoft still offers online something that is really beautiful and has no correspondence in Google Maps: Microsoft offers "Bird's eyes":



At the end, the best maps provider online is Microsoft's.


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