Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Google Chrome Advertises in New York Times

I have just seen an advertisement of Google Chrome in New York Times. Ferrari doesn't advertise itself. And Google, as far as I know, have never advertised anything.

Thus, this advertisement of Google's Chrome is a good sign that this specific product might not be a Ferrari.

And that is precisely true: Google has been THE Ferrari in many things, starting with its Search Engine and Gmail, which were at the time of their creation and still are the best search engine and free email service available, being the best in each and every aspect one can think of (and, in the case of GMail, even much better than any of the typical paid email services). Starting with Google Search Engine and Gmail, continuing to its integrated chat service: it totally knocks out any Messenger type of thing and, I have "sadly" to admit (for I have always been a fan of ICQ), it totally knocks-out the Mercedes-Benz of chatting: ICQ.

From Gmail, to Gchat, to Google Earth, to the acquisition of Blogger and Youtube, everything that was created by Google or has been acquired by it is just a Ferrari: the best and the best in each and every possible aspect.

So, no need for advertisement.

But, except for Google Maps, which is the second best but still an excellent Porsche (many small cities in Florence, Italy and Lisbon, Portugal can be found in Microsoft Maps but not on Google Maps), - there is a Google product that not only is not the best but it is actually of low quality: and that is Google Chrome.

To start with, and considering only Mozilla Firefox as benchmark (a Ferrari in the championship of internet browsers), it happens that Chrome is better in some aspects while Firefox is better in other aspects.

Now the big problem with Chrome is that it can... destroy computers!

Its usage of RAM, or its usage of temporary memory based on the hard drive (or something else, remember that we are far from being technicians here, this is just the oppinion of a educated user) - is so intense that it has a much bigger impact in the temperature of the computer than Firefox. And that impact is really important when you use a laptop equipped with a Pentium IV of exactly the same type that was being installed in desktops around 2005: such processors have not much concern for temperature, as their main objective was to be installed in desktops big enough to include a highly effective system of ventilation.

This temperature problem is serious to the point of the laptop turning off spontaneously. I believe this was the reason why my hard drive got destroyed.

After buying a new hardrive, I tryed again Chrome and the same happened: for the same ammount of tabs opened, when compared to Firefox, the computer got much slower, much warmer and the probability of absolute processor stop and/or spontaneous turning off went from 0 with Firefox to almost 1 with Chrome.

And that's why it has to be advertised.

So, Chrome is dangerous. And, besides that, it is not superior in each and every aspect to Firefox as most of other Google services are with respect to the second best product in the respective market.


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