Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Paradox of World Democracy

If we give one vote to each sovereign country, strictly observing a democratic procedural rule, the world will end up being democratically ruled by tyrants: there are more tyranic sovereign countries than democratic ones.

Thus, in what grounds is it justified or not an oligarchy of democracies?

These are the questions that really matter for a reform of the United Nations Organization! These are the questions that matter for designing the institutions for world governance!

But... are tyranies non-democratic in each and every matter? Do they also have "tyranic" positions when it comes, say, to ecology? And the reverse: how benevolent are the stances of democracies in international matters like arms trade?

Still, the questions in the first and second paragraphs apply. But it might be that democracy and tyrany should be seen from the external point of view: say, how respectful of human rights is this and that demand?

In any case, always (the same) eternal problem: who is going to be above to decide what is a democratic claim in international politics and what is not?

At the end, always the same conclusion (or just a conjecture?): democracy turns out to be the best, eventhough most probably not that satisfactory.


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