Thursday, November 27, 2008

Missing Lisboa and Finding Edison Bookstore in Piazza della Repubblica

Yesterday I was missing so much Lisboa. It was after 9pm. I felt like buying one or two cds, date a little bit those dvd boxes with tv series, past and present series. Going around the sections of "alternative music" and reggae and Brazilian music. Buying clothing. But... this is not Lisboa: in Firenze, excepting for restaurants, bars and "cultural associations" (the only way to have something opened after midnight is to create a "cultural association"), the only thing open till 9:30pm is Esselunga, the supermarket. Smaller supermarkets - "Coop" - close at 8:30pm.

The culture of shopping centres, big, extra big and gigantic might have some drawbacks... or not. Lisbon is the Europan capital city with the best weather during Summer and even better than the best during Winter. So I always got astonished at the crowds spending or wasting a beautifully and precious sunny Saturday buried inside Centro Comercial Colombo. And it was always strange that the most beautiful open air places in Lisbon were most of the times empty of Portuguese people.

But, still, there is something very good about shopping centres: freedom to buy literally everything after work or after study: from 9pm till midnight, the possibility to buy anything!

Or just to go around looking at books and music and movies and all of that.

So, yesterday, I was really happy to find a bookstore in Firenze that is open till midnight from Monday to Sunday! What a bliss! What a joy. It is the Edison bookstore in Piazza della Repubblica. It comprises many floors, people can bring their own books, sit and read. There is a caffeteria open also till midnight. It is a pity that they don't have music and dvds, only books. It is also a pity there are so few places to sit and definitely too few tables. Still, this was a great surprise!


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