Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I was vaguely watching some music tv station when I got stricken: my spine got frozen: it was that unmistakable voice: wonderful, misterious, beautiful, oh divine! That voice was Antony! Antony from Antony and the Johnsons! I immediately searched for it on the web and then...
... I got this:
Hercules and Love Affair

... and who did I find inside it? Of course, it was the voice, Antony was inside!
Hercules and Love Affair is a cd of music to dance. It contains ten songs, five of which are sung by Antony (one of them in a duo). The other voices are Nomi, Kim Ann Foxman and Andrew Butler. It is influenced by many traditions of dance music since the seventies but it doesn't sound revivalist. There is a bass that at least once sounds a bit like that... but that's just fun! The album doesn't sound like we cannot come up anymore with any new ideas so lets re-re-re-explore the past. No. This cd sounds a lot contemporary. And it is not only music to dance. It is music to listen to. There are inside this cd lots of good rhythms and also lots of good voices. It is a cd to sing.

In a time when melody seems to be decaying, as if someone had managed to force a class struggle between rhythm and melody and melody was loosing the battle, and voice is practiced like a sport (faster, higher and, specially, stronger) and not like an art - Hercules and Love Affair succeeds in giving us sensual melodies to dance to and interesting rhythms to listen to all lead by very artistic voices. And among these voices shines Antony!!!

Antony and the Johnsons belong to that team of people we here at Ricemagic would really like to personally thank for all the emotional benefits they have been broadcasting. Like Kings of Convenience, Coldplay, Jack Johnson and Jaak Johanson and Brothers. Like Vanessa da Mata. And others. We always wonder: do all these people have the smallest idea about the emotional positive strong effects they create?


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