Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spanish Elections

Today general legislatitve elections take place in Spain. I hope Zapatero looses. Zapatero was negotiating with the communist-terrorists of ETA even before he got elected. Zapatero gave life to the communist-terrorists of ETA when they were almost destroyed thanks to the government of Aznar. Zapatero gave an amnesty to one of the assassin heads of the communist-terrorists.

Also, Zapatero has been trying to rewrite history and recreate political, social and religious tensions that thanks to the wiseness of the Spanish people have been buried long time ago.

Zapatero as been the engineer of the dissolution of Spain. I favor the principle of "one state for each nation". But I doubt that people that voted for Zapatero was wanting him to fragment and make Spain disappear.

Aznar was terrible in associating Spain with the horrible, stupid and criminal American invasion and massacre of Iraq (then Portuguese Prime Minister Durão Barroso was no better). But excepting for that, I believe he was one of the best European prime ministers of recent times.

Finally, we hope that the communist-terrorists of ETA get politically smashed by the electoral results from today's elections.

Go Spain go!!!


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