Sunday, March 02, 2008


We are trying to quit from... driving. Yes, since last Thursday 2 p.m. our car has been left parked in this little street, close to the little Mugnone river.

But trying to quit is very difficult: we need a patch! And here it is where mp3 player enters! Listening to music while biking is not the safest thing in the world to do, specially along that narrow and overcrowded in the morning Via Faentina. But it sure helps quitting!

Meanwhile, this afternoon we have realized that there are already mosquitos. The biggest danger of living in Firenze is not the traffic, it is not pickpockets, it is not even those wonderful brunettes with stylish sunglasses, voluminous hair, and high heels that catch our attention while we are trying to safely bike (while listening to music in a mp3 player). No, no my dear and beloved reader: the most terrible dangers of Firenze are the summer heat and the


(inexpensive martini bianco that is as drinkable as orange juice is also an extremely surreptitious danger...)


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