Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two Little Steps for a Little Bit More Humanism for Humanity

"The electric chair is cruel and unusual punishment, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled Friday, effectively suspending executions in the only state that made sole use of the practice, once the dominant form of execution in the United States." By Adam Liptak, NY Times Feb. 8 2008
Note that this doesn't mean the end of death penalty in Nebraska, which was the only one state of the USA where a death penalty convict could not opt between the electric chair and some other form of execution. It only means that in that state of the USA, the lawmakers will now seek to substitute the electric chair by some less "cruel and unusual" method of execution.

Meanwhile, in the last seven days, there were at least three shooting sprees in USA. However, apparently nobody sees that, with guns, shootings sprees happen and, without guns, shooting sprees don't happen. It is just like summing up 2 and 2.

And, also apparently at least, nobody seems to ask why shooting sprees and guns are simply absent from the campaigns for Democratic Party candidate and Republican Party candidate for the President of the USA election.


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