Monday, October 22, 2007

The Treaty of Lisbon

The Treaty of Lisbon, that is scheduled to be signed only on December the 13th 2007, is making many people feel joyful in Portugal. It is the treaty of LISBON, whose final agreement was only possible under PORTUGUESE Presidency of the European Union. Viva!

But... apparently most people are not concerned with its substance: is it good for Portugal? Which countries benefit? Which ones loose? Will there be any kind of compensation for the ones loosing?

We would really be happy with a treaty that was better for the most possible number of countries within the Union, good for Portugal, and with a higher level of democratic support. Also, a treaty good enough to prepare the potential accession of the remaining countries of Europe 50 that are still outside the Union. (It would be to expect too much that the treaty could in any way foresee the accession of non European states: what about Morocco?, what about Israel?).

The treaty apparently doesn't change much of some of the worst problems of the Union. For instance, CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) will remain the same, the most powerful countries become now even more powerful, political asymmetries will now be greater, the absence of many common markets for goods (one of the main, basic and fundamental objectives of the Union, since it was still only an economic community) will keep being ignored.

I don't see why celebrating a name is more important than analysing the substance...


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