Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Typical Saturday in Lisbon

My typical Saturday in Lisbon used to be like this:

waking up at 8:30 and going to the Goethe-Institut Lissabon to have a German class on 9:30a.m.. I would pick one cd to listen to in the car, I would drive slow all the tunnels from Campo Grande to Avenida da República, I would park the car near Jardim do Torel, I would look south and say bom dia [good morning] to the Castelo de S. Jorge, and have coffee in this café restaurant at the corner in Campo dos Mártires da Pátria. It is the café that is always playing classic music and where people is very friendly.

The German class would be fun and interesting, we would have a 35 minute break, interesting conversation. The second half of the class would be kind of fast.

Then, calling O. for lunch: the same café, maybe grilled dourada [a nice fish] or iscas [fried liver]. Red wine, of course.

Afternoon: wandering down to Baixa, up to Alfama or Castelo, or going directly to Pois, Café, the Austrian café in Lisbon for a nice galão com leite frio [coffee with cold milk]. Then, reading all the newspapers in PAPER version (paper is a really nice thing): the chronicles from Expresso, the economics part from Expresso, everything from Expresso. Then, complaining about the dark relationships between Expresso and power. Then, doing the same with Sol: the chronicles, the first page main subject. Complaining about the political leanings of Sol. Then, the Guardian, El País, Le Monde. Complaining about neo-colonialism, making some comments about the dissolution of Spain, how socialists in Spain are so much the same as socialists in Portugal and... No, reading all the newspapers is a bad sign: much before El País I should have already started a conversation with an interesting woman from, say, Germany, that I would have just met (explaining Portugal is not a "very much catholic country", Berlin is wonderful, ...).

7 p.m.: expelled from Pois, where to go dinner? Call O., call J.P., call C., call... Indian restaurant in Rua dos Douradores? The Chinese restaurant with Chinese, Italian and Portuguese food near Elevador de Santa Justa? Again the little restaurants in Rua de S. Marta / Rua de S. José?

Anyway, dinner: meat, red wine, chocolate mousse. After dinner, having martini in Cinemateca, reading a book (returning to Freud in October would be nice). Then, café Vertigo for one or two glasses of red wine. Wandering down to Chiado, stay outside in Largo do Camões probably waiting for someone.

1 a.m.: up to Bairro Alto; being alternative and not drink beer. The Erasmus, the intelectuals, the poshy people, the not poshy ones. Complaining about the horrible drug dealers, praising the cheap beer, the cheap wine, so good. Seeing acquaintances, seeing friends. Going to Purex: great music.

3:30 a.m.: thinking of having coffee Sunday afternoon in Centro Cultural de Belém and reading a book.


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