Monday, October 22, 2007

More on Europe

Turkey never wanted and does not want now an independent Curdistan. An almost war is now taking place between Turkish army and Curd guerrilla in Iraq. What conclusions should with take from this for the question of the Turkish accession to the European Union?

Irritating conservative brothers in Poland were defeated by the rightwing liberals! Viva! But... how is it going to be now the relationship between Poland and Russia and the most powerful European Union countries and Russia?

It seems there is finally a hope of liberal capitalism in Poland... apparently, the new liberal government is going to try and implement reforms that were successfully put into practice 13 or 14 years ago in Estonia. Hope they succeed, they have now a last-mover advantage.

Sunday I almost went to tears realizing how beautiful and successful was the transition process from communism to liberal capitalism in Estonia. Apparently, capitalism in Estonia works even better than capitalism in USA. USA has a great problem, not economic in nature, but with broad social consequences: racism. In Estonia, about one third of the population is of Russian ethnicity and there are tensions and problems between them and Estonian Estonians. I wish Estonia can solve this tensions in a way as beautiful and successful as their economic transition.

Last weekend friends from Portugal went to the beach on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I realize the extremely good weather of Portugal is even better when we are far away from Costa da Caparica and Cascais and Alentejo and Algarve and...


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