Friday, October 05, 2007


Portugal celebrates today 864 years of existence!

Happy birthday dear Portugal!

I wish You a small government with smaller taxes, smaller public spending, much smaller number of public employees, public spending of quality that is at least minimally above misery, I wish You COMPETITION, I wish You a mentality of excellence instead of condescendence towards mediocrity, I wish You pride independent from international recognition, I wish You solve problems through the use of Your own head (and not appealing to solutions coming from abroad). I also wish You artistic and intelectual creativity independent from what You so often see and admire in the stages, screens and papers abroad. I wish You politics separated from building corporations, lawyers and engineers, and from football.

I wish You a demanding education system, public or private or public and private, that can enable social upward mobility through merit. I wish You Mathematics.

I wish You the same sun, light, fish, food, wine and the little streets going down and going up.



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