Monday, October 08, 2007

The Build-Up

The build up lasted for days,
lasted for weeks,
lasted too long.
Our hero withdrew,
when there was two,
he could not choose one,
so there was none.
Worn into the vaguely announced.
The spinning top made a sound
like a train across the valley,
fading, oh so quiet but constant til it passed,
over the ridge
into the distances
written on your ticket to remind you where to stop,
and when to get off.

by Kings of Convenience in Riot on an Empty Street (2004).

build·up /ˈbɪldˌʌp/ [bild-uhp]
1. a building up, as of military forces; increase in amount or number.
2. a process of growth; strengthening; development: the buildup of heavy industry.
3. an accumulation, as of a particular type of material: a buildup of salt deposits.
4. an increase, as in potential, intensity, or pressure: A buildup of suspense began halfway through the movie.
5. a progressive or sequential development: the buildup of helium atoms from hydrogen.
6. praise or publicity designed to enhance a reputation or popularize someone or something: The studio spent $100,000 on the new star's buildup.
7. a process of preparation designed to make possible the achievement of an ultimate objective: a lengthy buildup to a sales pitch.
8. encouragement; a psychological lift: Every time I need a buildup, I look at her picture.

Also, build-up.

[Origin: 1925–30, Americanism; n. use of v. phrase build up]

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