Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Desabafo Sobre a Língua

We dedicate this post to Renato

Oh my I am in panic! An ortographic treaty will be in force in January 2008! Oh no!

This is terrible: things that must be there will become wrong.

For instance, in the word "facto" (fact) the "c" will disappear because it is not read. It is not read but it has the function of opening the vowel!

The vowel cannot be opened with the acute accent because that vowel is not tonic.

So, the "c" is necessary!

Language is something that lives.

If Portuguese in Brasil is becoming different from the Portuguese in Portugal, why try to limit the FREE evolution?

Why all these communists, socialists and so on always want to curtail FREEDOM?

Why do they hate so much things that evolve "naturally", meaning by spontaneous development produced by free people living and choosing freely?

Language evolve freely, why put it in the limits of laws?

And even if freedom was bad, what would be the point in making two ways of expression belonging to the same language artificially closer?

Portuguese from Brasil is already very different from Portuguese from Portugal. No law will ever be able to make the languages converge!

The idea that laws can change and break a free society is one of the worse genes of leftwing ideology.

And if we are proud of our language, shouldn't we recall how it was born? Portuguese was born because the Roman Empire and the other empires that followed didn't have the means to impose a law on languages that would keep Latin being fixed and constant all across the South of Europe.

They could not keep Latin constant, without evolution and thus it developed freely and differently in Romania, Portugal, Italy, etc..

It is only with Freedom that there can be difference and variety. But since leftwingers only like society when everything is equal, is the same, is uniformized, they hate freedom.

And with this very same post we celebrate Ricemagic's 100th post!!!!!


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