Monday, July 16, 2007


I am listening Zeitgeist for the second time now. I bought it today. After the first listening, my impression is: this is a rock album, not an alternative rock one, but a "rock" album. Pure rock? For sure, pure rock for the XXIst century.

Billy Corgan sings. He sings like... singing. I mean, I was used to Billy singing word by word, each word at a time, each word with its own intonation, attitude, feelings, violence. Now words are basically parts of a fluid chain, being that chain the main musical unit. It is a fluid, rhythmically a rock album.

It seems to me that the songs starting from the seventh one are maybe stronger or more catchy. (Come On) Let's Go! is the first song I have to repeat!

There are guitar solos in this album. These solos remind me a bit of the 80s and of glamour rock... they also remind me of some songs from Machina II... but they are deliberately short and thus this remembrance is just insinuated. Why are guitar solos becoming shorter? Why are they just disappearing? What is happening to guitars in the era of hip-hop? Why are people shy of their guitars?!


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After seeing the Smashing Pumpkins in Lisbon (see June 9th), I felt that Billy Corgan wants to return to the time right after Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness: the concert was mostly based on songs from that album and, also, on the songs of the new one. Indeed, Zeitgeist can be seen (and heard) as a continuation from Mellon Collie, a different and alternate continuation when compared with Adore. It is the continuation from the time of the most success for the Pumpkins. Also the time of the most and the best inspiration.

In the new album I miss the clear distinction between songs full of energy and violence and songs that give a sense of peace and harmony. All songs float in a narrow limited mildness. Very pleasant are the intricate jungles of guitars.

Zeitgeist seems to be the result of a great work of dedication. Zeit (time, tempo) will tell whether it is also a great work of inspiration.

The most beautiful thing of grunge, Nirvana, the rock from the beginnings of the 90s was the feeling of panic we experienced.


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