Friday, January 19, 2007

A Sad News: Mega FM Commited Suicide With Sardet

It was 8.09 p.m.: on 92.4fm, André Sardet could be listened to. What used to be the best radio of Lisbon died precisely in that moment. Sardet is the worst singer/songwriter ever. There has never been so much boredom, so much slowness, so much tearjerking, so much idiotic and square sentimentality. We don't complain that Mega FM has been slowly reducing the share of U2-Pearl Jam-Xuto & Pontapés-etc. and increasing the share of Rhyanas and Pussycat Dolls, trading rock for R&B and even hip-hop. (We care about it, but we can accept it). But one thing is dance music substituting pop music (and we love Moloko!), another completely different thing is André Sardet.

André Sardet is not only extremely bad-boring and slow: this guy that never sold many records, he didn't sell anything, has suddenly and strangely this huge success with a best of. Successful best ofs follow successful studio cds. How come he had now, after years of no popularity at all, got so many records sold? Who purchased them? He himself and friends? If nobody cared for his songs since he first appeared, why can he become famous now with a best of? The best of has nothing essentially different, new or special when compared with those original cds that didn't get to be accepted by the public. And this case is even stranger when one realizes the huge difference between the prior no record selling with the present tremendously high sellings.

In the music industry, the more one sells the more attention from the media one gets. And the more people believe something is popular, the more people become curious about it. I really believe someone bought cds strategically or twisted some numbers in this strange sardet success case. In any case, Mega FM is no longer.


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