Sunday, January 28, 2007

Preventive Microsoft Theory

Ricemagic provides our beloved readers with the most useful, meaningful to daily living and easy to read pieces of science. Today, a theory on the important matter of keeping a personal computer fast and preventing it from annoying its beloved owner.

Theory: the less computer programmes, applications, operating system constituent parts, automatic updates and etcetera from Microsoft are kept in the hard-disk, the faster a computer functions. For every heavy and slow Internet Explorer there is a fast and sympathetic Mozilla Firefox, for every rigid MSN Messenger there is a happy ICQ, for every annoying Windows Media Player there is a fresh iTunes, for every irritating Hotmail there is a powerful Gmail, for every inconsequent Windows Firewall there is a shinning McAfee Firewall.

Stop using Microsoft NOW! It is harmful to the health of your computer and to the health of the surrounding ones.


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